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Hi, welcome to my website.
My name is Sharlin Jannis Sanchez and I am a photographer with a love for Visual Storytelling,
real life stories and genuine connections. I'm currently located in Zurich, Switzerland.

I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Switzerland in the age of 9. My first camera was a gift from my mother at the age of 8. It was a point&shoot camera with a golden case. I had early on developed an own understanding of photography - it was simply a tool for me to freeze moments, so they could be remembered. I think, the fact that there are no pictures of me as a baby until approximately 7, because so many pictures were ruined in hurricanes in DR, drew me closer to photography and awakened my interest in any subject that had something to do with it. Today Photography for me is much more than a tool to freeze time. It is a medium that actually enables us to time travel, a medium that makes it possible to tell a whole story without any words. A medium that still after a long time, never looses its magic and the ability to make us humans feel our life experiences even more intensively and perhaps even relive them from time to time. 

Yes, it is perhaps also a medium that makes life comprehensible to us, shows us how fleeting a moment, a life can be. 

A photo is for me, on closer observation, also a medium that makes us more appreciative and teaches us to value every second of our lives.

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